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 My neck pain is lasitng way longer then then I thought it would. Car Ac?
I was in a Car Accident in May of 06, about 8 months ago. I was rear-ended. I was stopped, the other guy was going 30 mph or so, enough to total my car.

I had bad neckpain and had myself ...

 how do you heal bruises faster?
ive had a bruise on the palm of my hand for about 1 month now. i skate. so every time i fall, i use my hands so i wont fall on my face. but then the bruise will start hurting again badly. so i just ...

 head injury is it serious?
i fell off from a bus a day before and had an injury at the rear side of my head. there was only marks of trauma without any bleeding signs. though at the back of my neck there is an injury with a ...

 Can you help me? RE: Broken bone.........?
I have been out of the cast for 11 days now (broken wrist) my wrist is still weak and I cant even bend it back, I can see some improvement but what can I do to speed up the healing and get back to ...

 What does it mean when you have had a bruise for a while that isn't showing signs of going away?
I've had a bruise for a about 4-5 weeks... maybe more, and I'm not sure what it means, b/c it's not showing signs of going away... anybody know what that means? If so, please help!! I&#...

 I have had 8 back surgerys! What els can I do?
I have had 8 to many surgerys I am still in cronik pain and I have 3 very energetic kids my 19 is ok but my 15 and 8 yr old don't understand I am only 38 yr old i have been going through this ...


 what is quadrilateral space syndrome and how is it treated?

 Anybody know much about arthroscopic surgery for disc herniations/spinal stenosis, any place in Texas doing it
I have read it is much more successful than traditional open back surgery with much less recovery time. These places seem super successful and super expensive too....I live in Texas and do have ...

 Would air travel affect intracranial pressures?
Say someone was to travel by plane to another country, while in the other country incurred a traumatic brain injury. Say this person had increased ICPs, would traveling back to the states by plane ...

 I have a tibia and fibula fracture, It's been 6 weeks no sign of healing is that okay?
I am 22 years old. I have a clean break of my tibia and a torsion break in my fibula. My tibia has a rod through it but my fibula is just sitting in three pieces I have no cast. It has been six weeks ...

 i think i have Geniophobia?
Seriosuly i think i may have Geniophobia, everytime i look at a chin i collapse!...

 Punch in the head......please help...?
i got hit on both sides of the head on friday the 13. At first i was a bit startled and as the days progressed i have been dizz, having headaches, feeling confused and the sides of my head (where i ...

 What do u do if your ribs hurt so badly that u can't sleep at night?
ok, so a few days ago, i was playin b-ball w/ my friends and one of em accidently elbowed me in the rib. i got it checked out, and nthns broken or seriously damaged. my doctor jus sed to lay down and ...

 Metatarsal problems.?
Hi all. I took a large electric shock to my foot (don't ask he he) early september 2008. I went to the hospital and i was given a blood test and an ecg. I asked for an x-ray but i was told it ...

 Elbow surgery recovery? (Radial head replacement)?
Hi everyone. I'm a healthy 25 yr old woman and I just had surgery on my elbow yesterday. To give you more info, I completely broke the radial head off, tore the ligament, and have significant ...

 whats wrong with my back?
Im 15 and 6ft 1 im a goalkeeper and play several sports i,e soccer,rugby&gaa for the past weeks i get pains in my lower back it comes and goes for example today i'd a match a the other team ...

 I pulled my groin about last week on thursday the 16th and i sure i have a Grade II Groin Strain but i dont?
know if i should go to my Doctor or rest and what to do honestly im lost ive been sitting down forever just playing video games and when i try to do some sprints since this happen playing football ...

 Why Does My Nose Hurt So Much?
On Monday, which was 5 days ago, i woke up with a sore nose. It's been sore 24/7 since Monday. It's Friday today, obviously, and about 2 hours ago, i blew my nose with a tissue, which hurt ...

 Neck & Shoulder Injury Help?
Seems to be more of a bone problem in my neck :S
Additional Details
I recently dug a 5 foot deep 8 foot wide hole in my back garden

After i done it i felt ok but now im in ...

When you break a bone, does it grow back stronger or weaker?

Additional Details
Neck break, It was a C-6 fracture
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The bone itself stays the same I think...but the fracture is always going to be a bit more fragile...Sh*t, I really dont know this one...nice one speed

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Weaker or the same as it was before, depending on the severity of the break, where it is and how much time you give it to heal.

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Mad piper
the place where it has healed is stronger because the area haa a build up of bone material. usually people who have the misfortune to break this bone again break it above or below the first break. Breaking bones does make the bone less flexible so in regards to the whole bone handling stress it is over all weaker.

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When you break a bone, it heals and I think it has the same amount of density that it did before.

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Depending on the type of break, it should grow back stronger. The area that was broken becomes more dense and is therefore stronger. You are less likely to have another break in that area. Hope this helps!

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