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 I have low blood pressure and low pulse rate...why?
I'm on "NO" medications...I average 103/66 with a pulse rate between
42 - 56 - Stress test: Normal; ultrasound OK; heart murmur with little
back flow; 60 yrs old not ...

 What could be causing my blood pressure to remain high?
Let's add some background information:

*22 year-old-male, normal height and weight
*Vegetarian (not vegan)
*Don't use tobacco or illegal drugs
*Light drinker (2 to ...

 Blood Pressure question?
What are the other cuases apart from excessive salt and unnecessary stress that increases BP?...

 Quicker medical treatment -- gunshot to heart?
A young male was shot in the left chest, with the bullet damaging the right atrium and ventricle, and the aorta. I don't know the extent of damage. He was taken to the ER in perhaps 4 minutes, ...

 my son was born with a heart merma but is went within a few weeks can it come back?

 Can you feel a corroded artery ?
I have had very high blood pressure for 12 years now. I just developed high cholesterol and high trigs. I am a female, 36 years old.

Recently, everytime i yawn, my neck, where i believe ...

 My father is 58 years old, he is overweight. He has had two minor heart attacks.How long can he live?
He was at the doctor's on Wednesday and the doctor told him there was nothing left he could do for him. He was told that having the bypass surgery would kill him. He has been a diabetic since ...

 Can a hospital refuse someone who has had a possible stroke because their AHCCS coverage ran out?
My ex wife had what to me was an obvious stroke.Her right arm was like jello she couldn't walk and complained her chest hurt.When her sister took her to a local hospital(TMC in Tucson AZ) They ...

 Whats wrong with my heart?
I'm having sudden pains in my chest pain. and i have to take deep breaths just to breath. earlier i was having stomach pains and i felt like i needed to vomet!! whats wrong with me i don't ...

 What is cardiomyopathy?

 Do the artery and vein using the same capillary in the last branch?
In the cell level, is the artery and vein using the same cappilary or 2 separately?...

 if you have heart palpitations, can you feel when it happens?
ive never been diagnosed with heart palpitations but sometimes it feels like my heart is skipping or something, does anyone else experience this? if so, do you have heart paplitations?...

 Saw a sign at the hospital on a patients door in the CCU and I'm not sure what it means...?
I'm in a nursing program and we were taken to the CCU in a hospital and I noticed a sign on a patients door and Im not sure what a few things mean...“No BP cuff or tourniquets rt upper arm ...

 im wondering if i have a heart problem?
sometimes i have these heart irregularities, its scares me. I can still breathe but it feels like my heart's beating slower. i may get lightheaded. it only happens once in a while. i also get ...

 Um.. Zaps? Or Electric shocks?
Okay I'm 11. I keep on having these shocks in my body. I keep twitching. I'm not taking medicine. Any help?
Additional Details
I twitch with each zap but it's weird....

 LDL Cholesterol? How to lower?
I work at a hospital where we have to take cholesterol tests. I recently found out I have a LDL cholesterol level of 120. My HDL level was 50. I am also Hypoglycemic. I don't know if that has ...

 Chest pain... please help!?
I have noticed chest pain in the last few hours. It feels like a small pinching on the left side of my chest (not unbearable, 4 out of 10 on pain scale, 10 being worst) for a few seconds, and then it ...

 I have Irregular Bleeding but Doctor's don't Help?
I have endometriosis and have had two surgeries because of it. however, I still have daily bleeding to the point that I have developed anemia. Doctor's say "oh well, it's the ...


 Catherization Results on CD-ROM?
I received Catherization Results on CD-ROM. The test was done at University of Pennsylvania. The CD-Rom has array of files.

Could someone advise on what program or how can I view the ...

My heart rate is 88 bpm. How normal is this?
Its my understanding that the normal bpm for males is 70 and the normal for females is 75. However, i am a 26 year old male in relatively good shape. I don't smoke and i don't drink often. As of right now i am laying around not doing anything nor have i done a thing all day, but just laying in my bed i am counting 88bpm. Should i be worried?
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It is normal high but 110 is not great

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I hear 88bmp is good. I went to the hospital yesterday and the nurse said anywhere from 70 - 110 is great. I was at 87 yesterday.

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stupid lamb
You shouldn't be worried at all! It doesn't need to be right on 70. The heart rate can range anywhere from 60-100bpm. Some athletes have a heart rate below 60 and its still normal. Your age, gender, weight, fitness activity, lifestyle, food, family history all influence the speed of your heart rate. Im around your age and my pulse is always between 90-100 but it really is normal. As long as your blood pressure isn't over 140 or below 90, and you feel fine then you have nothing to worry about!

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