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 If there is an explosion in your home what should you do?
Also how should you respond, mitigate the effects, prepare for one, and recover from one....

 If you incidentally get some neosporin in your mouth, what happens?
Like if you had rubbed a cut with neosporin and then rubbed your gums with the finger that had neosporin? Would that amount be toxic?...

 If you freeze burn yourself with air duster, will it heal?
My friend burnt herself really bad with a can of air duster on the palm of her hand, will it blister and scar?...

 I cut a piece of my leg shaving!!! how to help it?
ok so i cut a piece of my leg shaving for the third time, not in same spot,

it stings so bad! last time i cut myself it left a mark. i put tons on band aids on it to help the blood nbot ...

 Can an EMT explain what these guys left in my apartment?
I just got out of the ER for a violent TC seizure. Medics were in a hurry and left a bunch of stuff in the living room.

What the heck is a non conductive connecting tube, a suction ...

 i got stung by a bee?
im usually fine when i get stung. but i got stung about an hr ago, and my foot is really swollen and i feel like my throat has a lump in it, will i be fine or do i need to go to the doctor,,, it took ...

 Water makes up about ____ percent of an adult's body weight.?
a. 20 to 30
b. 30 to 40
c. 50 to 60
d. 70 to 80...

 If you hit your head and it starts bleeding what do you do?

 does putting toothpaste on bites actually do anything ?
ive been a target and am ridden with bites, ive heard putting toothpaste on them stops itching but does it get rid of them or heal them faster ?!
and where did this theory come from ? ...

 what is the north west ambulance's code of conduct?

 How do i know if it is a spider bite???? What can this be?
i went 4-wheeler riding this past saturday & got into a bunch of mud... later that night after my shower, i noticed bright red dots all over my arms..the dots were about the size of a pencil ...

 Yesterday I got my cartilage peirced and now there is a bumpy rash near on and behind my ear, what is it?
its red and bumpy, it sometimes itches. the peircing itself doesnt really hurt too much. and i dont know if im making myself think it hurts but sometimes my ear aches.
Additional Details

 What happens when a boil goes away and comes back?
I had a boil on my inner thigh on my right leg a long time ago and did nothing to it and it eventually just went away. It didn't open or anything. But now it has come back and I don't know ...

 i don't know what bite me.! help?
I live in Paramount in Los Angeles, and i was in my friends lawn when i felt a stinging pain, and i check and i didnt see nothing, but it hurt really bad, its a stinging pain, and now i have a red ...

 I cut my knee and it's oozing clear yellowish liquid...?
Yes, as you can see by the title, that's whats going on. It not puss, it's clear and very watery. My cuts always ooz this and I would like to know what it is. Thanks. BTW only deep cuts do ...

 how do i heal my facial cut?
i have a small cut on my cheek (face) and it looks really bad how do i heal it super fast?...

 spider bite on my arm?
a couple a minutes ago i got bit by this black spider with a red dot on its back. should i go to a doctor because i do think i should o well lets see what ...

 why when you spray hydrogen peroxide, does your muaquito bite turn white?

 I've been picking my lip for years. What will happen eventually if I can't stop?
it hurts but its not like serious pain all the time....

 Ear pain when I bite down?
I am having a strange stabbing/shooting pain in my right ear when I bite down. I took a shower and cleaned my ears with a Q-tip. I had no pain until an hour later and it came out of no where. What ...

woke up this morning and had a sore on my ear,now it's about the size of an eraser on a pencil.
orange stuff came out and it hurts.
how can i treat this at home?
and what could of caused it?
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if its puss and you really think its a spider bite,ive had to many to count. its going to hurt like hell but squeeze as hard as you can,and the goo will come out,put some antibiotic ointment on it & watch it closely. if it looks like its rotting in the middle of the bite it could be a brown recluse,do it tonight & look in the morning, if its worse go to the doc. asap those spiders can have bad effects on certain worse than others. ive been bit by them as well & lanced it myself,& im still here. take care of it,good luck

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daniel g
Not a spider bite. these are called boils. (common on/in the ear)
you can find treatment on web MD site.

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