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4 Tips to Find the Right Dentist for Your Kids



Keeping your child healthy and strong is a top priority. Your child’s teeth are also an important part of good health. Finding the right dentist for your kids is not hard to do; however, it does take time, research and a desire to find a dentist that will meet your child’s needs.

There are several tips that will make this search go easier such as ensuring that your dentist is board-certified for your state. This information can be found on his or her website or by talking with the dentist.

 A child-friendly dentist is a must

No matter who you choose, he or she should have a genuine love for children. As a parent, you know that most children hate sitting anywhere for too long, especially in a dentist’s chair. Look for a dental waiting room that has games and toys that will keep your child occupied while you wait. The personality of a dentist is also important; a dentist who is too severe or quiet will not make your child feel comfortable.

There are several ways to find a good pediatric dentist such as asking for recommendations from friends and family, asking for a referral from your pediatrician, searching websites for recommendations or searching the AAPD.  Review sites are one of the easier ways to find a good dentist, but they should only be a starting point.  Many practices are starting to use dental online reputation management software that allows them some level of control over their online reviews.

 Check your dental plan and check your dentist’s office hours

Dental work, be it for a child or adult, is often expensive. So, check with your dental plan network to see which dentists are covered by your insurance. Other things to consider:

  • To ensure that your plan matches with the dentist in question, double check with the dentist’s shortlist.
  • These days most parents can’t take time off from work for their child’s dental appointment.
  • Look for a dentist who works on the weekend or who has longer hours during the week.

 Special needs should be considered

If your child has special needs, he or she may need more than just kindness and a happy disposition. If this is true for you, talk about those needs with your dentist. Children who have Down syndrome or autism need patience and understanding.

 Know what to expect from a pediatric dentist

Keep this in mind: your child will see a pediatric dentist from infancy up to adolescence. You should expect the following types of care:

  • oral exams and risk assessments for cavities for infants,
  • knowledge of dealing with dental habits such as teeth grinding,
  • repairing of tooth cavities,
  • preventative dental care,
  • assessment for orthodontic care,
  • managing and preventing gum disease and
  • caring for fractured or displaced teeth.

To conclude, finding the right dentist for your kids is not hard to do; however, it does take time, research and a desire to find a dentist that will meet your child’s needs. Follow one or more of the above tips, and find a good dentist for your kids!


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